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S. E. Wilkinson & Son was established in 1877 by Oliver Cooper Wilkinson with the help of his father Dr Alfred George Wilkinson. The business was named after Oliver's wife Sarah Elizabeth Wilkinson as was popular in Victorian times. Its roots can be traced back to this time from the original hand written ledgers containing details of the very first funerals carried out.

At that time horse drawn carriages were used to convey the deceased to their final resting place.


S. E. Wilkinson & Son has been referenced in both local literature and archaic newspaper articles over the years with regards to certain members of the family. One of the first references pertains to Dr Alfred George Wilkinson who served his country at the Barrack Hospital, Scutari, Constantinople alongside Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War.


On the death of Oliver in 1921 the business was carried on by Sarah and her son Raymond Oliver, Dr Wilkinson himself passed away in 1923 aged 88. During the ownership of Raymond his nephew and great nephew Thomas Oliver Jones and Nigel Oliver Jones joined him in the family business carrying on the Wilkinson’s tradition and taking over upon his death.


In the early 1980s Lynda Summerfield, daughter of the late Don York joined S. E. Wilkinson & Son to work alongside Thomas and Nigel, until Thomas passed away in 1989. Nigel continued with the ownership of the business for the next 22 years.


After many years bearing for funeral directors in Northamptonshire Barry Waples was offered a full time position at

S. E. Wilkinson & Son. He worked closely with Nigel and Lynda where Nigel taught him the ways of the family business. After Nigel fell ill it was his wish for Barry to carry on with family traditions in his place until his death on 26th December 2011. Barry and Lynda now continue the business with the traditional family values that S. E. Wilkinson & Son has known for the past 137 years.  

Traditional family values since 1877